Old Boys Team

The Ottawa Ospreys Old Boys Team is a social team, largely comprised of former competitive players, that requires only a limited commitment of time, effort and resources from its players. The formation of this team and its approach recognizes that many former players still want to play rugby and enjoy the social aspects and comradery of rugby but have stepped away because of work, family and other competing commitments. We want you back in the game.

With these considerations in mind the Ottawa Ospreys Old Boys team:

  • Is a 35 and over social team
  • Has a maximum of 6-8 fixtures
  • Limits the number of away fixtures and travel distance
  • Has unlimited substitution during its games
  • Schedules games on Sunday when possible
  • Has practices in theory only
  • Enjoys a beer together after the game

The Ottawa Ospreys Old Boys team provides an opportunity for those who:

  • Want to stay connected with former team mates and the club
  • Still enjoy a bit of a run around and the social aspects of rugby
  • Are busy and want to play the game without the commitment to practice

We are looking for new players with or without experience and welcome players from all clubs to join us in our rugby adventure. With your help and participation we will build a vibrant and successful Ottawa Ospreys Old Boys team on and off the field while supporting the greater Old Boys rugby community.

If you are interested or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Terrence Dalton at terrdalt@gmail.com