Below are various resources available to the public that detail the various policies and procedures that the Ottawa Ospreys RFC follow in accordance with Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada with other various governing bodies.  Please feel free to check out the links below for more information.


Look here for general information regarding Club policies regarding player health, refund policies, and general information.

Summer Season Refunds Policy

Concussion Guidance for the General Public EN-4

150529 Rugby Canada Player Welfare Memo

If you’re looking for information regarding the associations and governing bodies that the Ottawa Ospreys follow, follow one of the links below.


  • Twin Elm Rugby Park – Home of the Ospreys! Great fields and fun!  And after the game why not have a drink with us at the on-site pub?
  • Eastern Ontario Rugby Union – A great place to find the rules and regulations for the sport we love.  Find out about upcoming courses and policy changes that affect our teams.
  • Rugby Ontario – Serving as a hub of information for the entire Province, find out about the Ontario Blues and all the exciting news happening around their Team.
  • Rugby Quebec – One of the lucky aspects of being in the Ottawa area is that we get to play with our friends in Quebec sometimes.  If you’re from Quebec, this will also be a helpful spot to check out!
  • Rugby Canada – This is Rugby. This is Canada.  Look here for the Canadian Rugby Team and all the exciting news about them.  You can also buy tickets here as well!
  • Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma – The namesake and great friends of the Ottawa Ospreys RFC (Formerly the Ottawa Indians RFC).  We have been honoured to call the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma our friends for decades.  We encourage you to learn about this amazing Tribe.