Established in 1962, the Ottawa Indians Rugby Football Club (OIRFC) was named after the Ottawa Indians Tribe. While the tribe origins can be traced to the Ottawa River region, many forced migrations eventually lead the descendants to Miami, Oklahoma.

Throughout the years, the OIRFC has maintained a positive relationship with the Ottawa Tribe members. They were honoured and remain supportive of the club name. However, the OIRFC Executive (Board of Directors) and the club membership recognized it was time to eliminate words which disparage and disrespect the Indigenous Peoples.

In an effort to honour the club’s history yet be more inclusive for the years ahead, the Executive reviewed many suggested team names. One idea stood out – the Ottawa Ospreys. Just as the Ottawa Indians Tribe lived along the Ottawa River and its tributaries so many years ago, so do the mighty osprey today. The name seemed a natural fit.

Therefore, effective March 9, 2018, the Ottawa Indians Rugby Football Club will begin operating as the Ottawa Ospreys Rugby Football Club.